The Mage’s Apprentice

The Mage’s Apprentice


Never underestimate an apprentice’s ability to ruin everything. When mishaps and mayhem befall, they must develop their talents to untangle the messes they’ve made. Black magic, talismans, and incantations intertwine within their worlds, making solutions murky. 

Featuring eleven stories by best-selling and award-winning authors, The Mage’s Apprentice will take you to fantastical realms, new dimensions, and across time, exposing the secrets of magic. 

Will the apprentice remain unscathed? 



  • Mr. Haggledash’s Bookstore — by Jinn Tiole
  • Time Ryder — by Amber D. Boyd
  • Roller Derby Lich Queen — by Shelly X. Leonn
  • Weeping Well — Micheal Laird
  • Death to a Mage — Chayton Avalerias
  • Kaleidoscope — V.S. Lora
  • Estrella Falling — L.L. Montez
  • The Trunk of Wonders — Michael Holiday
  • Kitchen Witch — Jeanette Coetzer
  • Black Water, Black Heart — Kelly J. Burke
  • Rith's Disciple — Ariel Paiement
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Above and Beneath—the world of Angels and Demons

Above and Beneath—the world of Angels and Demons

#1 Amazon Best-Selling Book

Edited by: Amber D. Boyd, Chayton Avalerias, and Michael Laird

The balance between good and evil is always in flux. Demons vie for control for the key to heaven’s gate to wreak havoc on the Earth and destroy mankind by any means necessary—striking fear, famine, deceit and damnation into the world. Our hope of redemption is entrusted to angels, as they thwart the forces of evil. These eight original tales unveil the hidden world of angels and demons and the battle over our very souls.

Contains the short stories:

  • Life's Nectar, by Amber D. Boyd
  • Watch, by E.A. Comiskey
  • Evil in the Canyon, by Michael Laird
  • Forbidden, by Chayton Avalerias
  • To Die For, by K.S. Valentine
  • On the Narrow Way, Ariel Paiement
  • My Father, Lucifer, by Michael Holiday
  • Forevermore, by Amber D. Boyd & Chayton Avalerias
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Howling at the Moon

Howling at the Moon

Award-Winning story!

By Amber D. Boyd

Spellfully Delicious Bakery & Cafe is more than just a shop name—it’s where Bay and her sister weave a touch of magic into everything they bake. Customers line up around the block to get a taste of their magical desserts, and even their competition calls to complain about lost sales.

They can phone all they want. The only call Bay leaps to answer is from the man she loves, but when he doesn’t show up for their date, she wants to know why. Tarot cards, crystal pendants, and even the goddess of magic herself wouldn’t have prepared her for the answer. Now, there’s only one way to fix her mistake and get her lover back, but will she have the courage to pay the price?

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