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Port & Key Publishing, is a one-hundred percent indigenous-owned company focused on publishing a variety of emerging voices in creative writing. It’s our mission to assist talented and rising authors to launch their stories and connect with readers everywhere.


Our Editing Team


Amber Boyd

Lead Editor

When not working at her day job, Amber can usually be found tapping the keys of her sticker-covered laptop, crafting her latest bewitching story. As one of the founders of The Writer's Edge, an elite group of editors and published authors found on Wattpad, she’s usually eyebrow deep in an editing or writing project. She blames her degree in psychology for her evil, twisted plot lines that torment readers into binge reading her tales long into the wee hours in the morning.

Surviving off coffee and little sleep, Amber lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband, two kids, and infamous dust bunny. She claims the more she writes, the less housework gets done, and the bigger the bunny gets. Our best guess is that she and her family are doomed to be taken over by the dust ball—because she isn’t putting the keyboard down anytime soon.

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Chayton Avalerias

Associate Editor

When he’s not writing, you can find Chay role-playing as a wizard with his D&D group or on the Star Wars online video game. Although he’s a huge fan of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, Chay doesn’t really watch much watch television. He reads mostly YA/Teen novels but loves to change up genres from time to time.

Chay wrote his first story in middle school and has been crafting stories ever since. He became a high school English and History teacher and now works at a university. He writes for academic audiences, but returned to fiction in 2015 when he discovered Wattpad, an online writing platform. He joined the Next Big Recognition (#NBR), a reviewing club on Wattpad, and recently co-founded The Writers Edge, a talented group of editors.

Chay writes teen fiction, new adult fiction, and poetry. Chay’s published a handful of stories and poems over the years. Most recently, you can find “Dark Red Chocolate” in the book Undeath by Chocolate (available on Amazon). His story, “Forbidden,” serves as the prequel for his current project, Demon Hunters.

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Michael Laird

Associate Editor

Michael Laird is the author of the Agminate series of books and short stories. He lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern California with an amazing wife who saved him from wearing white studded belts in divey Stockton clubs, a son who teaches him patience through viral dance moves, and a daughter who has him wrapped around her finger.

Michael’s braggy accomplishments include nearly passing out at the top of Mt. Whitney, dealing Texas Hold’em to an unimpressed David Draiman, marrying a Viking on purpose, and sweating on command the way some actors can cry. He’s the perfect person to write “Evil in the Canyon” because, aside from knowing the Gold Country better than he does when to end a sentence, he’s been told his writing is “good, even though it’s dark fantasy.”

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Authors We've Published

Meet our editors
Amber D. Boyd

Amber's award-winning story "Howling at the Moon" has been published in the anthology, Undeath by Chocolate, published by Curious Tombs, and as a stand-alone short story published by Port & Key Publishing. She has also published "Life's Nectar" and the co-written work "Forevermore" is in Port & Key's anthology, Above and Beneath—the world of angels and demons. Visit Amber's Author Central page.

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Ariel Paiement

Ariel Paiement is a fiction author of fantasy and the occasional historical fiction or science fiction novel. She enjoys all ranges of books and writing when it comes to reading, though fantasy and science fiction are her favorites. She likes to spend time coming up with new ideas or in wild flights of imagination. If asked what she spends most of her time doing, she'd tell you that she spends most of it reading or writing one thing or another. She is the author of "On The Narrow Way" Port & Key's Above and Beneath anthology, and of stand-alone fantasy novel In DarknessVisit Ariel's Author Central page.

Chayton Avalerias

Chay writes teen fiction, new adult fiction, and poetry. His story, "Forbidden," published in the Above & Beneath anthology, serves as the prequel to his current project, Demon Hunters. Visit Chayton's Author Central page.

E.A. Comiskey

E.A. Comiskey is an award-winning fiction writer and nationally syndicated blogger. Her work is broadly described as “speculative fiction” and is often a wild mix of humor, mythology, fantasy, horror, and romance.

She lives in a much-loved, rickety old house in rural Michigan with her husband, children, and a veritable zoo of creatures. If there’s a festival in the area, you can bet she’s there, most likely drawing on the pavement with chalk. After all, when you live in Michigan, you go outside whenever you get the chance. Visit E.A. Comiskey's Author Central page.

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Jinn Tiole
Jinn Tiole writes science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal in both English and German. Sometimes she also gives in to the temptation to write children’s stories. She drinks too much coffee, lives in Switzerland, and enjoys the outdoors and spending time in her garden. Visit Jinn Tiole's Author Central page.
Kelly sm
Kelly J. Burke

Kelly J. Burke is an author from the Saskatchewan prairie city of Saskatoon. His writing is a blend of adult science-fiction, fantasy, and horror. When not spending time with his wife and daughter, he reads, enjoys outdoor activities, and practices Filipino martial arts.

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K.S. Valentine

K.S. Valentine is a new author from central Oregon. She loves to watch movies, read books, and procrastinate her college studies. Also, while she doesn't care for coffee, hot chocolate and tea are two of her favorite drinks, especially during the winter when she can curl up with a warm blanket. Visit K.S. Valentine's Author Central page.

L.L. Montez

LL Montez is a writer, reader, hereditary bruja, stargazer, teacher, and mediator living in the bones of Chicago’s historic printing district with her husband and dog. She writes science fiction on Wattpad and has short fiction published through Dark Ink Press. With co-host Shelly X Leonn, she discusses the trials and joys of her publishing journey on her podcast, The Writers XL. Visit L.L. Montez's Author Central page.

Michael Holiday

Michael Holiday calls San Diego home, but his heart is with his wife and three children. You’ll rarely find him at Starbucks or fancy restaurants, but he is often spotted at the bookstore, biking around the lake, or having a conversation with friends, talking writing. Visit Michael's Author Central Page

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Michael Laird

Michael Laird is the author of the Agminate series of books and short stories. He lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of northern California with his amazing viking wife and two encouraging children. Visit Michael Laird's Author Central page.